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Clothing Display

The use of clothing display props can give clothing a better display of clothing. Different styles of clothing require different props to display. Unsuitable display of props will greatly reduce the appearance of the clothing. Now the competition is getting fiercer. The display of costume display props lies in the combination of commerce. European consumers have the habit of looking at shop windows. Swiss and German styles are particularly unique, relatively more delicate and pay more attention to details. Many clothing displays reflect a dynamic beauty. With the introduction of new fashions, in the United States and Australia, the display also glowed with new brilliance, using more fashion elements and creating more atmosphere to attract more consumers. In China, the department store as a whole lacks fashion elements and a suitable atmosphere, and many stores are also simulating foreign styles, but many of the results are not satisfactory, because professional display designers must have display awareness, display thinking, and professional display skills. The display form of Switzerland and Germany that pursues power and beauty, very cleverly emphasizes the characteristics of the lines and details of the clothing, and can strongly attract the attention. France and Italy's pursuit of innovation and bright colors can be said to be close to nature. It is characterized by innovation and simple colors that pay more attention to inspiration. It does not pay much attention to details and gives a relaxed and natural impression. The United Kingdom and the United States emphasize the display of new things and have a more graphic design style. The American display style is frank and bright, and the props used are less than that of the United Kingdom. They are used to make innovative displays against ancient traditions. Japan combines various characteristics to highlight the delicate taste of clothing. In our country, the traditional festive colors are often used.

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