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sample wooden suit hanger wholesale for children LEEVANS

sample wooden suit hanger wholesale for children LEEVANS

Sample wooden suit hanger wholesale for children LEEVANS

Solid wooden with PANTON color
Creamy white
Kids' Pants Hangers
Custom color on the hook
Sample time
Within 1 week
Delivery Time
Within 1 month
Business terms
30% deposit and 70% balance
Shipping Way
By air ,By sea and By DHL / UPS / FEdex
Payment terms
T/T, Western Union, PayPal
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Company Advantages
1. The separation and purification process of LEEVANS quality wooden hangers will be conducted for several times. It is separated from the complicated mineral aggregates and refined at least two times for high purity. It won't snag the suit or damage the fabric
2. LEEVANS GROUP CO., LIMITED. does not compromise on quality. It has high surface hardness and toughness
3. We adopt the most stringent quality management system to ensure product quality and stability. The wide shoulder design of the product always keeps clothes in good shape
4. Many customers are satisfied with the high quality of this product.
5. The professional QC team secures the quality of this product. No cracks or fissures will be found on the surface of the product

Product Description
sample wooden suit hanger wholesale for children LEEVANS-1

Free Design Creamy White Painting PANTON Color On The Kids' Pants Hangers 

The wooden hanger of kids' pants hanger is fit for display children's clothes. Wooden baking Panton color with customized logo . Revolving nickel square hook with 360 degree . Widely should for better display clothes.12mm thickness of wooden width. Two clips below the wooden hanger is movable for better showing pants.

OEM for any size, color, different logo, metal accessories are available

More experience, better communication, as professional hanger manufacturer,we do it all possible.Your Design , your way! Free sample for testing before placing order.

Product Detail Picture

sample wooden suit hanger wholesale for children LEEVANS-2
sample wooden suit hanger wholesale for children LEEVANS-3
sample wooden suit hanger wholesale for children LEEVANS-4

sample wooden suit hanger wholesale for children LEEVANS-5
sample wooden suit hanger wholesale for children LEEVANS-6
sample wooden suit hanger wholesale for children LEEVANS-7

Product Advantages

Company Features
1. LEEVANS GROUP CO., LIMITED. is the first factory in China and even in the world to provide wooden suit hanger . We have dedicated team members who have worked hard to achieve make our company successful. Their ideas and commitment help us provide the highest quality products to our customers.
2. We have brought together professional manufacturing team leaders. They have the ability to supervise all aspects of the manufacturing line and monitor progress and time frames for orders.
3. Our company has a flexible and diverse workforce with multi-skilled staff. Most of these employees can fill the positions of absent employees and work in any area that requires increased manpower. This allows us to maintain production efficiency under all circumstances. The goal of LEEVANS is to make great achievements in the industry of wooden clothes hanger . Contact us!
作为一家专业负责的wooden clothes hanger制造商,我们始终将产品品质放在首位,坚持采用优质原材料和先进生产工艺制造wooden clothes hanger,并严格把控每一道生产工序,确保所有wooden clothes hanger均为合格品,为客户带去可靠的质量保障。
LEEVANS GROUP CO., LIMITED.通过国家相关各种认证,生产出来的quality wooden hangers均有相关质检证明,产品的质量有保障,客户采购更放心。
LEEVANS GROUP CO., LIMITED.建立有产品研发部门,拥有专业的设计人才,在quality wooden hangers的各部位结构设计上自主性、创造性更强,设计出来的产品外观新颖,再配以精湛的做工,在产品的细节处和整体上用心雕琢与刻画,最终所出的成品质量上乘、品质非凡。
LEEVANS GROUP CO., LIMITED.的quality wooden hangers精选优良材料制作,加之整体设计科学合理,成品质量好,市场价值高。
LEEVANS GROUP CO., LIMITED.拥有一支富有经验的生产团队,为wooden clothes hanger的高产量提供了强有力的保障,不仅如此,公司还成立了一支QC小组,专门负责检验wooden clothes hanger的质量,确保其质量上乘,品质非凡。The product can be designed to fed materials automatically or manually
我们拥有先进的自动化生产设备,能够实现wooden clothes hanger的及时高效生产,此外,我们还对wooden clothes hanger的生产原料和生产数量进行严格把控,尽可能达到最低原料损耗率和最低产品库存率,促使wooden clothes hanger具有其他同类产品所不能比拟的价格优势。
我们不仅拥有长期稳定的原料供应商和多台自动化机械生产设备,还建立了一套完善的成本管控体系,有效降低了生产成本,因而我们生产的wooden clothes hanger相比同类产品,价格更低。
我们拥有一套科学的成本管控体系,坚持严格指挥和控制quality wooden hangers每一个环节的生产成本,尽可能在不违背成本原则的前提下将成本降到较低的水平,并加以保持,以保证生产的quality wooden hangers具备实惠的价格。
我们在确保quality wooden hangers生产质量的同时,还坚持在不违背成本原则的前提下将成本降到较低水平,促使quality wooden hangers具有极具市场竞争力的价格。
LEEVANS GROUP CO., LIMITED.采用科学化的管理方式组织生产活动,在生产的各个重要环节严把质量关,严控生产成本,保证生产的quality wooden hangers品质优良,价格实惠,性价比远超其他同类产品。
我们坚持采用高性价比原料和运用自动化机械设备生产wooden suit hanger,有效降低了原料成本、人工成本和加工成本,促使wooden suit hanger的批发价格在行业内处于较低水平。
[企业简称]多年来一直专注于wooden clothes hanger的研究、开发和生产,并与国内外同行知名企业建立了良好的合作关系,技术实力雄厚,管理经验丰富,生产的wooden clothes hanger性能可靠、品质优良、节能环保、经久耐用,在业界享有不错的口碑。
[企业简称]是一家专业的quality wooden hangers生产商,不仅拥有全套的生产设备和质检仪器,还掌握着行业前沿的生产技术和工艺,生产的quality wooden hangers性能优良,品质上乘,使用寿命长,在业界享有良好的口碑。
[企业简称]积极学习和借鉴同行优秀企业的生产技术和工艺,并将新工艺和新技术广泛应用于生产中,制出的quality wooden hangers设计合理,结构紧凑,性能可靠,品质优良,价格适中,相比其他同类产品更具市场竞争力。
公司具备强大的生产能力和雄厚的经济实力,工艺精湛,设备先进,管理严谨,生产的quality wooden hangers质量上乘,品质安全可靠,使用寿命长。
[企业简称]是一家经验丰富,实力雄厚的陶瓷生产厂家,具备生产各种档次、各种规格陶瓷产品的能力,生产的quality wooden hangers质美价优、性价比高,赢得了国内外客户的一致好评。
公司经过多年的发展,掌握了一流的生产技术和精湛的加工工艺,建立了严格的质量管理体系,生产出的wooden suit hanger兼具优良性能和卓越品质,可放心选购。
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