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Wholesale clothing display for business

Wholesale clothing display for business

Wholesale clothing display for business
  • Wholesale clothing display for business
  • Wholesale clothing display for business
  • Wholesale clothing display for business
  • Wholesale clothing display for business
  • Wholesale clothing display for business
  • Wholesale clothing display for business

Wholesale clothing display for business

LEEVANS clothing display is manufactured in a sustainable environmental aspects.
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Free design Newest hang tag string wholesale for high-end garments For Garment For tags for clothes

1. The tag is used as a certificate to indicate the product name, implementation standard, article number, composition, grade, inspection number, etc. (The tag certificate is necessary for a qualified product. The certificate can increase the trust of consumers in our products.)

2. Hang tags can promote enterprises, as a kind of enterprise advertising promotion. (The tag is actually another "face" of the company, through which consumers can recognize "who you are".)

First of all, the tags are concise and unique. There are strips, circles, triangles, half-folds, pockets and other special shapes. The tags are colorful and dazzling.

Secondly, from the perspective of the quality of the tag, most of the materials for the tag are paper, but there are also plastic, metal, rubber, leather, wood...

In recent years, new types of tags made of holographic anti-counterfeiting materials have also appeared. In order to reflect the brand's excellent texture and distinctiveness, the choice of tag materials is also extremely elegant, such as the use of credit card materials, and wooden paper with special processes for the tag.

Thirdly, from the perspective of craftsmanship, the tag adopts the same craftsmanship as credit cards and VIP cards, with exquisite printing, high-end workmanship and exquisite workmanship.

Finally, from the perspective of color, the color of the tag is in harmony with the color of the overall packaging of the clothing, and the tag can show the taste and style of the clothing.

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Lots of time and money are spent upfront perfecting LEEVANS clothing display.
With smooth and elegant surface, clothing display is of great performance for clients.
clothing display's structure is really eye-catching.
clothing display is an award-winning products that exceed our customer's expectations and offer unmatched value.
clothing display is unique in its clothing display.
It is able to withstand large shock loads and works in harsh conditions. Its structure is finely processed and the impact capacity is enhanced by adding impact stabilizer.
The product has a long service life. The quality of this product is assured based on its perfect design and fine craftsmanship, such as carving or embellishment.
The product features high efficiency of heat removal. The cell casing of this product is a good conductor and has a maximum surface area to maximize the heat transfer.
The product has the ability to be electrically insulating. The high-structural and metal powder with an antistatic agent has been added to improve this electric insulation capacity.
The product features excellent purification technology. The system performs the pre-treatment process and adopts the principle of cross-flow motion of water, ensuring a high filtration rate.
The product is not easy to break down. Its connecting components are made of stainless steel that is hot dipped and structural grade.
Referring to clothing display, high quality is the most suitable word for it.
LEEVANS GROUP CO., LIMITED. sincerely hopes to create value for our customers with a more considerate and efficient service.
LEEVANS GROUP CO., LIMITED. provides more competitive prices and fast delivery.
LEEVANS GROUP CO., LIMITED. works with passion, using advanced technologies, to transform science into new possibilities for our customers.
LEEVANS GROUP CO., LIMITED. is skilled in the sales network setup and management.
LEEVANS GROUP CO., LIMITED.'s technical support experts are ready to provide various forms of pre-sales and post-sales support.
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