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Clothing Packaging

Clothing packaging has the following functions:

  1. Protective function

Packaging can effectively protect the appearance and quality of clothing and maintain its use value. For example, it can prevent clothing from being damaged by pollution and affect its appearance; it can prevent the erosion of microorganisms and pests.

  2. Convenience function

The packaging is convenient for transportation, loading and unloading and storage, which is convenient for consumers to carry and use.

  3. Promotion and guidance function

Packaging can convey information, introduce products, and guide consumption. To some extent, packaging is a product specification, a shopping guide and a consumer guide.

  4. Beautification and promotion features

High-quality, fashionable clothing with novel, lively and colorful outer packaging can directly arouse the interest and love of consumers, play the role of "silent salesman", and also meet the aesthetic psychological requirements of consumers.

  The requirements of clothing packaging should generally conform to the principles of science, economy, solidity and marketability. Scientific, that is, packaging materials and text descriptions must be scientific; economy, that is, to save social resources as much as possible, and reduce packaging costs. The general packaging costs should not exceed 10% of the finished clothing; firm, that is, the packaging should be strong and secure. , The process of transportation and storage is not loose; marketable, that is, the packaging must be suitable for consumers' consumption habits and consumer psychology.

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