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Common Sense For Hanger Care


As we all know, it is an essential item in daily life.But how many people know the knowledge of the maintenance of hangers.Hanger is actually a lot of kinds, from raw materials, including metal clothes hangers, wooden hangers, plastic hangers, 4 kinds of cloth, if from USES points, now many, in common with racks, suit hangers, T-shirt and shirt hangers, model hangers, serviced hangers, wall clothes racks, etc., it is just because of the wide range of USES, modelling is also various.Here, introduce a few clothes hanger to maintain common sense for everybody.

1.For metal clothes hangers, and can be subdivided into aluminum hangers, wire hangers and metal hangers is roughly three, we start with aluminum hangers, aluminum hangers for clothes bearing capacity may a little difference than iron hangers, if the wet clothes heavier, as far as possible need not aluminum hangers, can use iron hangers or alloy type, their bearing capacity is strong, strong, heavy clothes hang up and not for support, and cause the damage of the hangers, wire hangers is a fault, though, can't contact with water for a long time, easy to cause corrosion of hangers, rust, as long as it doesn't bubble in the water for a long time, have no matter, if they are alloy,Or pull steel, something's not going to happen.
2.Wooden hangers, in our China, the first coat hanger is made of wood, for wood hangers, try to avoid long time under sunlight, high temperature and wet environment is no good, easy to corrosion or cracks, affect beautiful, bacteria can produce after corrosion, for clothes is not good, cause a harm to human body thereby.
3.Plastic clothes rack, the main drawback is not able to bear too heavy clothes, long-term hanging heavy clothes may be out of shape, or even broken, so the use of time to pay attention to. 4.Cloth hangers, this kind of hanger using range is small, can't hang the wet clothes, not used to hang to dry clothes, hidden inside the wardrobe only commonly, like wooden hangers, try not to in high temperature and wet environment, or is likely to fade, the hanger maintenance is very important, pay attention to clean, if there is dirty, wipe with soft cloth with a little water, let the hangers in fashion.

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