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The advantages and disadvantages of metal hangers, wooden hangers and plastic hangers


Usually we through water content, cementation, surface smoothness and other indicators to test wood.The most critical is to see its moisture content, through heft, with the hand touch without a sense of moisture to judge, if it is processed wood line, then see its processing surface without burr, only wet wood after the wind will burr.

Degree of cementation, all man-made board belongs to plywood to need to use waterproof glue, cementation strength is the important index that measures plywood, pass to see glue board to have bubble, layer to judge commonly.The surface smoothness, you can detect the surface smoothness by touch.

Joinery board is decorated in the family in use quantity is the biggest, it cent is a variety of nevertheless its main distinction is mixed at miscellaneous wood and pure one lubricious wood.The splicing board of miscellaneous wood is generally easy to deformation, and the weight is also heavier.Pure wood means that the material inside is made of wood. As long as it is baked, its deformation performance is better than miscellaneous wood.

Joinery board still has good with bad distinction, the board inside good put together board is uniform the same material to put together its density is good inside general without aperture, also good on environmental protection performance.Still have is to go all out board lumber is offal composition, its density is bad, inside not strict place USES sawdust to wait to add glue kind to press close and become, because this kind of plank contains certain glue kind and cannot achieve environmental protection performance to pass a standard.And in terms of firmness.

Woodiness decorates degree difference very big, real wood floor is in this kind of relatively not in disorder temperature and humidity environment for a long time, the moisture in lumber will achieve a phase to constant value, right now lumber function is most not chaotic, this constant value calls the balance moisture content of real wood floor.The balanced moisture content of real wood floor should correspond with the even temperature and humidity of place.Good sunshine drying clothes rack according to the weather characteristics of different areas and production, make the product more close to the local uniform moisture content, ensure better use effect.

Wood decoration wood color is golden or brown, mineral line is significant, texture careful, oily good, strong fragrance.Old teak grows on 100 years commonly, oily, flavour, quality of a material more even.The color is darker, mostly dark brown and yellow-brown.Because of the long growth cycle, texture careful, the proportion of 1.3 times more than normal.Among them draw materials from the root sector of the heaviest, because of the longest growth years, the most nutrients absorbed.But the teak flooring from the roots of century-old teak trees is rare.

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