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The development prospects of solid wood hangers


Compared with the traditional metal hangers or plastic hangers, the unique shape and texture of the wooden hangers are refreshing and more fashionable. It can improve product quality and brand image to meet consumers' high-end demand for products.

Wooden hangers are generally used for suits, because the wooden hangers can be modified at will, unlike plastic hangers, which cost a lot of mold for mold opening, and the wooden hangers can be thicker on both shoulders, holding the shoulders of the suit and bending forward on both sides. Bent, because the wooden hanger has water absorption, it can absorb moisture, dust and moisture in the wool suit.

Simple and practical style, hanging clothes and hats, and a variety of functions. Pinus sylvestris var. chinensis wood material, hard wood, moderate density, fine texture, small deformation index, wood color, natural and simple. Fully automatic precision mechanical punching, just insert it gently, it can be tightly fitted and not loose; no glue, health and environmental protection. From the perspective of humanization, rounded corners can replace sharp sharp sharp corners to avoid unnecessary Damage, but also more smooth lines, beautiful.


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