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An adjustment of Scene with a Hanger that's Green

by:LEEVANS     2020-07-20
Concord, Ontario The E-Hanger is a 100% recyclable and biodegradable clothing hanger, containing 100% eco-ink vegetable oil in its printed designs. E-Hangers are made entirely of recycled paper and are distributed to dry cleaners, retail stores, hotels, and fitness centres completely free of credit. Complimentary distribution of the E-Hanger is authorized with the advertising dollars of Canadian companies who market themselves on the hangers. The revolutionary E-Hanger has been developed to replace the countless amounts of non-recyclable wire clothes hangers dumped into Canadian landfills each year because they are not accepted a blue bin waste program across Canada. 'Even plastic hangers are not entirely recyclable,' says Andy Fannis, managing director of E-Hanger, 'because they are made from low grade plastic materials, polystyrene and polycarbonate, which tenderize into small unusable pieces during the recycling process.' The E-Hanger gives a four-fold approach with regard to an all-round greener scene in Canada. Imply current state folks world environment, E-Hanger has recognized that experts claim it is time for major progression towards a more environmentally aware, and proactive society. Through the replacement of wire and plastic hangers for eco-friendly clothing hangers, E-Hanger will substantially lessen carbon footprint of dry cleaners and laundry outlets by reducing their large contribution of wire hangers to landfills. In turn, consumers who use dry cleaning and laundry services will also be reducing their carbon footprints, bringing their clean clothes home on 100% recyclable hangers instead of wire or plastic. E-Hanger will create green jobs in Canada. With an excellent business plan to be the dominant distributer of its 100% biodegradable clothing hangers, E-Hanger will be able to provide opportunities for green employment in areas of production, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and office current. In today's green-focused society, large corporations can benefit enormously by positioning themselves as environmentally friendly companies. E-Hangers produce an opportunity for green marketing with purchasable advertising real estate directly on the hangers themselves. Through E-Hanger marketing and promotion, companies can advertise using eye-catching graphics, engaging copy, free samples, and coupons. 'By advertising on the recyclable product, firms can align themselves with the positive feelings associated with saving the planet and reducing pollution,' claims Andy Fannis. 'A positive public image is formed, giving companies a far better regarding achieving higher sales and gaining loyal consumers.' It is not only time for environmental awareness, but environmental action and there is no doubt that E-Hanger is a huge step in the most beneficial direction.
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