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Hockey Tape Clothes Hanger Grips

by:LEEVANS     2019-11-05
I like to hang most of the clothes up, but I find that the tops I have are more than just some that disagree with this method.
The trickiest ones seem to be those sweaters on the neck or shoulders.
I have so many wooden hangers that it feels silly to replace them with something that solves my problem, so the grip is my solution.
Maybe I chose hockey tape because I was Canadian; )
But they do have jobs!
However, I am sure you can use some other tapes due to the packing method.
Please vote for this structure in the \"let it stick to 2\" contest :)-Any hanger (
I like wooden hangers because there are more places to catch)-Hockey tape (
Or try another tape with texture, smooth tape will only help your career a bit)-
Things to measure.
Ruler, tape measure, rope, etc.
If you are like me, we want to tidy it up so I prefer to measure and mark the position of the tape to make sure everything is symmetrical.
The handle is as short as possible, or as long as you wish, just leave a little space in the corner so you can wrap that part comfortably.
First, stick one end of the tape to one end of the marking area, do not cut a section, keep it attached to the roll.
Put some tape out and let the roll shake.
Let it spin now until you have a twisted part, but so far your tape rope hasn\'t started winding around itself, causing a bunch of sticky
It\'s better to start with a small rolling section because it\'s easier to add more than to take away.
Now wrap this rope around the hanger until you reach the other side of the mark and leave some spacing between the two to create a large groove.
If you run out of the \"Cableway\" before reaching the finish line, let more tape go out and rotate.
Now, we don\'t want the clothes to really stick to the hanger and there is a vague mess on the road, so finish the grip by wrapping it normally with flat tape.
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