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How I Organized My Closet, Cheap and Decluttered.

by:LEEVANS     2019-11-03
How my messy wardrobe is organized.
I was cleaning the wardrobe today.
If I throw half away, it\'s not that bad.
I never go anywhere often, so why do I have these clothes.
I need to tidy up and tidy up this closet without spending a lot of my money.
That\'s what I did.
The pile of things you see is moving towards goodwill.
Getting rid of the chaos will help you organize.
I am looking for examples of hair products in the bathroom closet.
There are items from 1999.
I pulled the garbage into the bathroom and started throwing it away.
It\'s not good to keep the product so long.
My closet is very big.
It used to be half the porch.
It has a window with plenty of room to keep the ironing board open.
There are no expensive organizers in the wardrobe.
They spend too much money and they don\'t seem to have enough hanging space.
I\'m not going to spend this money on things that don\'t work in my closet.
If you want to make your wardrobe cheap, buy cheap cabinets like the black cabinets below.
In this closet, I have to put our winter and summer clothes in.
Everyday clothes and my husband\'s work clothes.
I have some sheets and pillowcases in my closet.
There are wallets, shoes and boxes filled with photos and jackets.
It\'s too cold here. we have many jackets.
Thick jacket, medium jacket and light jacket.
If you don\'t wear a jacket, you will never have a jacket, at least you need to have a jacket in the car when you go somewhere.
The weather here can change for a dime.
I am trying to organize it.
I wish I could pack the winter clothes and then take them out later, but that doesn\'t work for me.
I will pack up and be here in winter until I know.
We are close to June and 58 outside.
We stayed here cold enough and needed a long-sleeved shirt or sweater.
This is a problem with hangers in the wardrobe.
Plastic hangers have a variety of different shapes, some heavier and some lower hanging.
If you are using plastic then buy the same, same color so the wardrobe looks better.
This will make the closet look very organized.
I have been buying some wood hangers.
I bought a box and the hanger for Wal-Mart was $12. 95 a box of 20.
I looked at Wal-Mart online for about $24. 00 a box.
I don\'t know why it\'s different.
I found a suit hanger and a wooden hanger.
Suit hangers work best, but they have to turn in some way.
There is a small bubble in front of the hanger.
They need to adapt to this trend.
Clothes seem to stay on the suit hanger better than flat wood hangers.
Once they are placed in the right position, they return to each other perfectly.
They do take up more space than plastic hangers.
They also don\'t break their clothes together like plastic.
If you have a small closet and a lot of clothes, wood hangers may not be the best for you.
You can buy hangers called slimline in Bed Bath and other places.
It would be better to put it in a closet for about $29.
The price of 50 pieces is 95.
Items don\'t slip like they do on plastic hangers.
Taking the time to get OrganizedIt takes a while, but it\'s worth it to finally see your wardrobe clean.
After the closet is cleaned, I can still find something to throw away.
If you have a room, put a box or basket in the closet and put in what you want to go to a goodwill or resale shop.
You can donate in many places.
Now, in order not to let the cats in, not to let my clothes fall on them, this is a trick I haven\'t come up with yet.
Levi Jones has been watching me.
My computer is right outside my closet and he put it there so he can peek in the closet.
Like I said, at first I had my ironing board in my closet.
The ironing board is covered with a pocket and I put the baby powder, toothbrush and cat hair stick roller in my pocket.
There is an iron, an ironing pad and a bottle of water on the ironing board.
If you would like to know what I have done with baby milk powder, please check my hub.
Housewives, housewives, mothers, how to repair.
Use your home stuff.
Rework your basket or plastic container for your wardrobe.
I often see wire closet racks in yard sales.
There are often people in your closet.
At the very least, if you do, you will find everything.
Check once a month to maintain this status.
If you have to buy a container, buy the type you can see through it, and it helps if you don\'t have to guess what\'s in the container.
You need a basket to iron clothes if you don\'t do it right away.
My mom used to iron her and roll up every piece of clothing in a bag.
Then she put them in the fridge until she could find them.
This is not something I will do now, but I did do it with our clothes when the kids were all at home.
When you buy a new item to add to the closet, take out at least two old items for the charity.
This will prevent the closet from piling up again and force you to decide to throw away more garbage.
When you tidy up your wardrobe, throw away what you \'ve had for years.
Why keep them, they may never fit again, you are too old to wear this style when they come back in a stylish way.
Tidy up the clothes you hang up.
The first thing you should do when sorting out the wardrobe is to empty the wardrobe and vacuum and dust the wardrobe.
If it is too inconvenient to empty the whole closet around hanging clothes.
At least empty the floor.
The closet may be covered with dust, and even the top of the hanger will be covered with dust.
When you hang the clothes between the items, the arms are stretched all the way to the back of each item.
This will prevent the item from wrinkle.
Hang your clothes on the color code as if you could put white and black together.
Looks cleaner and more relaxed.
We hung one shelf on the other.
My husband\'s stuff is on top and my stuff is on the bottom.
I have a lot of white t-
I hung up my shirt.
Today I took them down and realized I could fold them up and put them on the shelf.
I also made it in black.
Hang long-sleeved clothes with long sleeves and short-sleeved clothes with short sleeves.
Pants should be put together and tops should be put together.
If you hang your pants on your shirt, you will always lose what you want to wear.
We put extra shelves above some hanging poles so we can pile the items there.
If you are going to change the wardrobe, you can put it on the wire rack or use the bar on the shelf above.
Don\'t waste space if you have a higher wall, if you can keep the shelf on the wall all the time.
There is no such thing in this closet, it has a sloping roof.
My wallet on the shelf.
I hung them on the hanger but it didn\'t work.
The black shelf has jeans and sweat pants, which we bought at Walmart.
I think it\'s about $30.
00, it holds a lot.
The pants next to it were the wire rack we put very low and I hung them on this shelf.
Folding pajamas on top, t-
Shirt, throw.
We also hung our robes on them with closet doors.
Put a basket of slippers and slippers in the wardrobe.
Just put the basket under the clothes.
They are not high enough to interfere with clothes.
Man: jeansheavy is lined with jeanspantssweatshirtssweat pantsthatâ x80 x99 s and so on.
Some men wear suits.
No, my husband.
I won\'t throw away any of his clothes.
When I think they don\'t look good anymore or he makes rags with them, I just put them on the work clothes rack.
Women: JeansCasual pantsDress pantssweatersblousst-
Shirtscamisossweatssweatantsdssesskirtsshelves wear shoes for the closure of our shoes shelves on the floor.
The shoes can stick under the shelf and the shoes can be placed on top of the shelf.
I also bought a plastic shoe box with shoes and a cube box with shoes.
Plastic boxes are good for shoes you don\'t wear often, leaving them free of dust.
If you don\'t want to spend money on plastic boxes, keep them.
Take a picture of the shoe, print it out, attach it to the shoe box with tape, and then put those shoes in that box.
I kept the shoe box because it was very good.
Perfect for storing anything.
You pay a lot for such a good box.
Finally, I bought a lot of slippers.
The kids and my husband bought them for me and I would buy them if I saw a good pair.
This is all the clothes I wear at home.
Put a basket on the floor, throw all your slippers in, and a basket of slippers.
I also like to put photos or other items in beautiful boxes.
They often offer discounts in places like Joanne.
They look much better than plastic containers.
If you are like me, I have to put the extra stuff in the closet as it is almost the only closet I have.
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ComSpecial SpotIf you can fix a place in the closet or outside the closet, put your clothes on the work the next day, and then do so.
Putting the clothes you are going to wear in that special place can save time.
I put my dress, shirt and shoes together.
The next day I even put a necklace or bracelet around the neck of the hanger.
You don\'t run around in the morning looking for clothes to wear.
Today I took part in Cole\'s big sale, Cole\'s cash and coupons.
I need some summer tops.
I bought 4 so I went into the wardrobe and took 8 for charity.
One is the shirt I hate to see on my husband, so I think it\'s a good time to get rid of it.
I just cleaned my wardrobe and sorted it out so you would think I had nothing to take out.
I will hoard when I shouldn\'t.
Now, if I don\'t want to throw away anything else, I don\'t think I\'ll be shopping again this year.
This is just another cheap way to organize.
Getting rid of more clothes won\'t cost you a penny.
Smaller Home 2017.
I moved into a very small house now with small clothes but not much.
I have some round paper clips that I haven\'t used for years.
I added them to the hanger.
I hung up the Velcro in my closet twice.
Soda label can be used instead.
You can use up to three or more.
They don\'t spend anything.
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