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It\'s Getting Easier To Be Green

by:LEEVANS     2019-11-03
Elsa BRENNERMARCH month, before 2003, Robert and Deborah Fischman Con Ed paid $1,000 per month for four months of heating in winter
Bedroom colony in South Salem.
By last month, household utility bills had fallen to $400. What changed?
He is worried about the environment and his budget.
Four years ago, civil engineer Fischman decided to put his 3,000-square-
The foot house of a \"green\" building.
He changed all the houses.
Electric heating system with ground heat pump, which absorbs heat from the Earth in winter and transfers heat to the ground in summer through an underground plastic pipe system called underground heat exchanger.
Not only sir. and Mrs.
Fishman and their three children have been enjoying it all the time.
The geothermal energy has been warm since then, but they have also gained new respect nearby.
These days, when guests visit, the conversation always turns to the inconspicuous box in the basement, where the stove is usually found.
Fishmans explained that the new system is a winner in two ways: its home of 70 degrees Fahrenheit in winter and summer, which eliminates emissions from conventional fossil fuel heating systems. Mr.
Feichmann, who works at Andron construction at Golden Bridge, predicts that families like him will no longer be curious but more mainstream over time.
\"Especially when people\'s values are increasingly focused on protecting our environment, we see more of it,\" he said . \"
\"Like the rest of the country, Westchester\'s recent advertising interest in green buildings has grown dramatically.
In addition to concerns about rolling power failures, soaring fuel costs and reliance on foreign oil, Westchester is particularly concerned: If the Nuclear Regulatory Commission closes the Indian nuclear power plant, it provides 18 to 38% of energy for New York City and the lower Hudson Valley, how will this energy be replaced?
Including Andrew J. , Westchester County chief executive.
Spano called for the closure of two nuclear power plants operated by Entergy at India Point in Buchanan, largely because Westchester would be threatened if it became the focus of the terrorist attacks.
Westchester itself is stepping up efforts to find alternatives to traditional energy.
It has installed a solar system at its Yonkers Joint Sewage Treatment Plant.
Solar panels, known as photovoltaic tiles, are located on the roof of the plant management building, generating about 100 KW of the electricity in any given time, saving about $10,000 a year, Adam J said.
Deputy Commissioner of State Environmental Facilities, Zabinski.
In addition, sludge treatment produces 1.
2 million cubic feet of methane gas per day, which, in turn, is used to burn the boiler at the treatment plant.
It is estimated that the use of natural gas by-products can save about $75,000 a year. Zabinski said.
The goal of green buildings is to improve the energy efficiency of buildings by minimizing environmental impacts and reducing energy use, usually in accordance with the standards set by the US Green Building Commission, A national alliance of leaders of the construction industry and environmental organizations.
Green energy is nothing new, of course.
In the 1970s S, fuel-saving strategies included driving small cars, turning off thermostats, and wearing more sweaters, following President Carter\'s example.
Americans are also recycling garbage, using low
Install thermoane windows and use other energy sources to reduce water consumption
Saving strategy.
Alexander Roberts, president of Roberts Geo Systems, an energy management consulting firm at Pleasantville, observed that strategies like recycling are dynamic, but other strategies are not.
The most prominent example of Americans abandoning conservation efforts is
Roberts said that they and S. U. V.
And other large vehicles with low gasoline mileage.
The question now is whether new enthusiasm for energy conservation will become popular this time.
He said that the key difference between the time and the present is
Roberts, \"then saving energy means there is no or less energy, and today, many new green technologies, such as geothermal heating and compact fluorescent bulbs, actually improve comfort and work more efficiently.
Even better, they also provide the obvious economic benefits that people can see in their wallets, which is a powerful driving force.
\"In green buildings, geothermal heat pumps and solar energy that rely on light and local materials are used.
Typically, this building relies on Daylight lighting and uses lights that automatically darken according to the available natural light.
The green building is designed to effectively heat insulation, with hot glass or special glass windows.
The buildings also use building materials such as wood in renewable forests, steel with high recycled material content, locally mined stones, non-toxic paint and carpets, and tiles made from recycled glass.
Builders, owners and commercial property owners are all embracing green buildings and are predicting that green buildings will be widely accepted soon.
Bill Balter, partner at Wilder Balter Partners, said: \"We call it a green building now, but it won\'t take long for us to take it for granted and not call it something special. Builders of Elmsford
\"Even in less than a decade, this may be the norm.
Advertising some materials, such as low
Fired insulating glass has been widely used by construction workers.
Geothermal heat pumps are proven to be very reliable, but not common.
Still some high
Brief client: President Bush installed one at his ranch home in Crawford, Texas.
S. Vice President Cheney\'s official residence, the Washington Naval Observatory, uses a geothermal heat pump. Mr.
Balter has installed a geothermal heat pump as a test case in 15 luxury homes he is building in Arrowcrest Estates, Hunterbrook, United town.
\"In the end we will do this in more development,\" he said . \".
\"Now, I tried and solved the problem here.
\"The mechanism of this system is simple: using the constant temperature of the earth below the frost line, the water pump forces the water by connecting to the pipes of the building\'s heating and cooling system.
In the summer, the excess heat of the building enters the ground through the system for cooling, and in the winter, the heat is discharged from the ground.
According to the US Department of Energy, the typical cost of such a system is about $7,500.
Energy Department research shows that in terms of electricity savings, investment can usually be recovered within 2 to 10 years.
Underground pipes used are equipped with 25-to 50-
One year warranty, the pump itself usually lasts for 20 years or more.
In addition, the state provides tax incentives and rebates for the installation of geothermal systems.
Savings from country clubs and high school governments. George E.
Pataki is a major supporter of new energy technologies and green buildings in New York.
He ordered the state to purchase at least 20% of its energy from geothermal and other renewable sources by 2010.
Get rewards for installing geothermal systems and solar systems
Electricity and wind
Power generation system.
In 2000, the state passed the country\'s first green building tax credit, this is a $25 million income tax credit program for building owners and tenants who meet certain energy, indoor air quality, materials to save water, equipment and size.
Beginning with the public welfare program in 1998, the state has distributed funds to more than 600,000 individuals and other businesses.
The project is funded at $0. 15 billion a year.
Rebates and savings are considerable. On a Croton-on-
Last year, Hudson home, which was used to educate the public about solar heat, installed photovoltaic panels for $25,000, and the national tax refund and tax concessions amounted to $14,000, westchester is an umbrella organization composed of environmental groups.
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Westchester Country Club in Rye recently installed a geothermal system as part of a $7 million project aimed at reducing energy consumption by 775,000 KW hours, save $130,000 a year in energy costs and reduce fossil fuel emissions associated with smog, heavy rain, global climate change and respiratory diseases.
The geothermal system of the country club is installed by R. J.
Dooley & Associates, a 7-year-
The old monster Engineering & Construction company also installed geothermal installations on the property of Arrowcrest Hunterbrook in wildebalte.
Robert Dudley, the owner of the company, is putting 60,000-square-
Foot front brewery and hotel in city center
In the year 00 s, offices and restaurants also installed geothermal equipment on the Hudson River waterfront in Poughkeepsie.
In order to encourage the green construction of more schools, the National Energy Research and Development Council issued a grant of $20,000 to 50 public and private schools, including Summers High School in Westchester.
The project, known as \"School electricity\", aims to raise awareness among students about the importance and prospects of solar energy.
Schools selected for the program are also setting up weather stations to help them collect and analyze data.
Sommers High is installing a solar collector on the south wall of its gymnasium, which will provide the school with 2 KW of the electricity per month, said Brian hudrick, a science teacher at the school.
The teacher said that as a comparison point, the average family uses about 4 KW per month;
Schools use 228 to 378 KW per month.
Although 2 KW is a relatively small savings, \"it will help us get out of the grid\"
Explain Hugo ick.
The teacher showed the lab students in the science course how solar energy is used for pollution
Free car models and cooking equipment.
The Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers is larger, costing $25 million to build a 60,000-square-
A visual arts center using recycled and renewable materials, including rocks removed from the ground during construction.
The design focuses on minimizing the use of water and energy, including geothermal systems.
The building is expected to open in the fall of 2004.
The New York electric power authority installed new energy at the Electric Power Authority-
Efficiency Technology of Clarence D
Rappleyea Building, the author\'s headquarters in White Plains.
$3 starts.
8 million project to resolve the governor\'s \"green and clean state building\" order, requiring the state-
According to consumption levels in 2010, buildings owned will reduce energy use by at least 35% by 1990.
With energy savings expected to be 50%, improvements in the White Plains office are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 4,100 tons per year.
Hotel in Kenneth
The Warren Institute, a medical research center in the town of Kansas, is undergoing major renovations to make the building an oil
Free building, says Learned J.
Executive Director, institutes.
Reasons for London 15-
15,000-kitkitchawan Reserve near Croton Reservoirsquare-
The foot building is mainly heated with a geothermal heat pump system.
\"Our ultimate goal is to have no oil at all . \"Hand said.
\"But no matter how green a building is, you want some spare oil when it\'s 5 degrees outside.
Chuck Lowden, chief engineer at the Institute, said the nonprofit is also considering installing solar panels and propane-
Generator, used as a backup power supply in case of power failure.
\"Especially in rural areas, you don\'t want to put all the eggs in one basket,\" he said . \".
Electric cars and construction regulations also accept fees to become greener.
For example, Joseph Nicoletti said that the White Plains installed variable frequency motors in its pumping facilities and public libraries
Commissioner of Public Works and city engineer.
The motor slows down or accelerates in response to changing conditions, rather than continuing to run at full speed.
The city has also converted 4,400 street lamps.
Pressure Sodium bulb, long life, high yield.
A new parking garage has designed light sensors so that the outside lines are artificially lit only when the day is short.
The city\'s fleet has also become more eco-friendly, including cars powered by electricity, natural gas and alcohol.
He said: \"The maintenance of these vehicles is much less, the cost of refueling electric vehicles is almost zero, and the complaints about noise during street cleaning at night are also greatly reduced . \"Nicoletti said.
In addition, these vehicles eliminate the environmental hazards and continuous monitoring and testing required for underground fuel storage facilities.
The town of Greensburg passed a new law about a year ago demanding energy
Efficient construction of all new homes.
New building permits cannot be issued by lawor two-
A home or a home under three floors, unless the applicant proves that the building is in compliance with the family guidelines of the New York energy star.
The guide specifies improved insulation, windows designed to improve thermal performance, efficient heating and cooling systems suitable for the home, and reduced air penetration, among others.
Steven Winter, chairman of the US Green Building Council and president of Steven Winter Associates, Norwalk construction, said that no matter how commendable the idea of green building is, it principles and practices can take a generation to become mainstream.
He points out that some people are naturally reluctant to try to change: \"Sometimes they are selfish, lazy or just indifferent and unwilling to take the time to recycle or create other energies --Saving measures.
Their attitude is \"go to hell \".
Oil companies also have some business problems, he said, such as the desire for consumers to remain dependent on fossil fuels.
\"Change at any time,\" Mr.
Winter said, \"there are some status quo interests that resist it.
\"Due to an editorial error, the title of the picture in an article on alternative energy in March 16 incorrectly states the names of Robert and Deborah Fishman\'s sons, his South Salem home was heated by a ground heat pump.
He\'s Joshua Fishman, not John.
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A version of the article appears in print in March 16, 2003, and on page WC14 of the national edition, the title is: Green is getting easier and easier.
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