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Know the pros and cons of wood hangers versus plastic hangers ?


Wood hangers are the mainstream of the hanger market. More and more people tend to use wooden hangers. There are reasons why people tend to use wooden cloth hangers, so what is the purpose of making wooden hangers? Here we come to understand the wood hangers target.

Production Of Wooden Hangers

The production materials of wood hangers can only be produced under 18 degrees Celsius.

The wood is dried before the hangers are made;If there are insect eye wood can not be used;

After the preparation, fumigation will be carried out to extend the service life of the hanger.

Advantages Of Wooden Hanger:Wood Hangers Target

There is definitely a reason why wood cloth hangers are so popular with consumers. Because there are many advantages to using wooden hangers, let us understand the benefits of wooden cloth hangers.

1. One of the targets of making wood hangers is that, it is made of solid wood, which gives people a kind of intimacy and makes them feel close to nature;

2. The texture of wooden hangers gives people different visual enjoyment, and this is another wood hangers target;

3. wood hangers have no pollution to the environment, healthy and environmental protection, noble and elegant.This is the most important production target of wooden hangers.

Disadvantages Of Plastic Hangers

In the market, in addition to wooden hangers for sale, there are also plastic hangers for sale. So why are wooden cloth hangers more popular than plastic cloth hangers? Because plastic hangers have their disadvantages, let us understand the defects of plastic hangers.

1. The weight is not very large, easy to bend deformation; 

2. The production process will pollute the environment, recycling will also pollute the environment; 

3. Too long use will wear away the gloss of the plastic hangers and make them extremely old.


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