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Libraries Digging Deep for Geothermal Savings

by:LEEVANS     2019-11-02
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13, 2008 due to problems with the geothermal system, the opening of the public library of Ossining was delayed last year and the building had to be closed for several days in order to repair the system.
But everything was fine last week as adults read by the fireplace, teenagers surf the Internet and kids do their homework comfortably.
The library is well received nine months after its opening, and the staff are paying attention to the geothermal system, which uses the Earth\'s constant temperature below the frost line to heat and cool 47,000 of the ventilation-square-foot building.
During the cold period of the month, they had to reduce the intake of fresh air heated by the system because it could not heat the cold air quickly enough.
\"This is a learning process,\" said Elizabeth belmel, curator of the library . \".
\"We have to make some adjustments.
\"The advertising ossining library on the street is one of three libraries in Westchester that have or plan to install geothermal systems.
Greenburg is building a library, and kiscoplan Mountain plans to break ground in a library with cleaning facilities in February.
Energy technology.
We want to set an example for the community with an energy building.
Be as efficient, eco-friendly and green as possible, \"said James M.
Palmer, village manager.
With heating oil prices soaring and geothermal systems becoming more and more popular, building owners seek to reduce the use of fossil fuels.
These systems circulate water through pipes with a depth of 1,500 feet, in which the average temperature of the water is maintained at 55 degrees.
In winter, water enters the building and drains heat through a heat exchanger.
The heat generated evaporates the refrigerant, and the evaporated gas is discharged through the compressor, generating heat to heat the air.
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In the summer, the process is reversed as the water condenses through the exchanger the refrigerant gas that has been evaporated by the room air.
Produce cooling effect.
The heating and cooling costs of the Ossiningcut library are significantly reduced.
When the library was designed two years ago, the heating oil was $1.
A gallon, the library\'s engineering consultant predicts that geothermal systems will cost $16,273 a year, about half the cost of oil fuel and electricity.
Boiler and air-
Air conditioning system.
Now $3 in warm oil.
It is estimated to save $37,000 a year.
The installation cost may be higher for traditional systems.
However, with the reduction of operating costs, owners can recover the increased upfront costs over time.
For example, Ossining expects this to happen in less than five years, while the new library in Kisco Mountain will be the third largest library in the Ossining Library, who expects the return to take more than 15 yearsPalmer said.
Installation is not without risk.
Ossining has a system called an open system that can circulate water from an aquifer.
Project architect Salvatore Coco says the earth materials around the pipe collapsed while drilling a deep well.
The engineers finally found that the sediment produced by the collapse blocked the system;
The library is closed when the system is cleared.
\"We took out all the pieces, and since then we have no problem ,\"Coco said.
At Greensburg, engineers want to drill 5 wells 1,500 feet deep on Tarrytown Road to heat and cool the library.
But the Delaware pipeline in New York City runs 1,300 feet kilometers under the site, and city officials oppose getting too close to the site.
Coco is also the architect of the Greenburg Library.
They finally drilled 40 wells, 500 feetdeep, heated 48,000-square-foot building.
At Mount Kisco, engineers plan to drill 30 wells 450 feet deep.
Lawrence J. says Mount Kisco, like Fort Greenburg, will be a closed system that uses a solution of water and antifreeze and does not dig the aquifer
Barile is an engineer, and the engineers of his company Damiano Barile White Plains also install geothermal systems at Post Road Primary School in White Plains.
\"The price of oil is so high\" advertising.
The systems \"became very competitive,\" Barile said.
\"A version of this article appears on the New York edition, page 14WE6 print, with the title: The Library dig deep for geothermal conservation.
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