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retail hanger buying guide

by:LEEVANS     2019-10-30
Choosing the right hanger for your store may be deeper than you think.
Your hanger can say a lot to your store.
Now retail is so competitive that they may be more important than ever.
This is an era where brand image is more important than ever before.
When you stock your store with hangers, make sure you consider each type and choose the one that best helps you to serve your customers, make a good impression and continue for years to come.
The peak of the retail hanger is obviously a wooden hanger.
Wooden hangers can separate clothes well.
They will give you the shop.
Quality will make you feel like a customer.
They are very durable and should be used continuously in the next few years.
Wooden hangers are heavier than other types of hangers, and don\'t fall on the floor so easily when people browse your items.
Wooden hangers are smooth and gentle on delicate fabrics.
This can reduce the damaged items in your store and quickly save you a lot of money.
Wooden hangers are available in a variety of wood and colors.
They range from heavy to heavy-
The weight of slim lines, classic to modern, can really set the tone for the appeal of your store.
Satin hangers are best suited for extremely delicate fabrics such as silk, nylon and lace.
In order to avoid damage to the delicate fabric, the underwear should be hung on the satin hanger frequently.
Not only that, but your customers are also willing to pay more for goods that appear to be of higher quality.
A satin hanger can help you develop this feeling.
Research shows that both men and women will pay more for the same item hanging on a satin hanger on a plastic hanger with a metal clip.
It may sound silly, but in retail, the presentation is important.
If your storefront is large, plastic hangers are probably the most economical option for you.
Remember the quality when choosing a plastic hanger.
You need a level large enough to support the product you sell.
Heavy winter clothes require a lot more plastic or acrylic fiber than a T-shirtshirt requires.
Today\'s plastic and acrylic hangers are much stronger than the thin ones on the market in the past.
The last thing you want is a bunch of sharp broken plastic, lying around your store, so remember the quality when you buy a plastic hanger.
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