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The Meaning Of New Retail


Nordic people love life and have many individual industrial designs and home designers. A post-85 young man from China hopes to introduce the Nordic design concept into the country and produce the works of these designers in the country to attract the attention of young people. This idea has been realized and invested in today's capital.
Recently, Swedish independent designer brand NOME appeared in Guangzhou, China. “NOME's independent designer team in Sweden, many of whom have won international awards such as Red Dot, Deco, Wal l paper, etc. These top global designers represent the strength of Nordic style design. There are 130 people and 36 small classes. I hope to perfect the style, function, cost and practicality of the product."
I have visited the United Kingdom and Japan and found that Nordic design is the best in the world in the lifestyle category, so I chose to design the center in Northern Europe and then make it in China. "I believe that through such value integration, most Chinese young people can have a colorful life." He said that IKEA's globalization is doing very well, but it is only the basic design of Northern Europe. What really represents Nordic design is actually the work of many young designers.
Today, the competition of market brands has become very fierce, and the global design of daily necessities and home furniture is in Sweden. The manufacturing, production, supply chain scale, cost and efficiency are the fastest in China. Last year in Sweden, NOM cooperated with a large number of Swedish industrial designers. NOM was established only one year ago. This year, it will add 300 new stores in China, and the annual sales will exceed 2 billion yuan. In the next five years, NOME has clothing, home, and department stores, and will open 3,000 NOME lifestyle boutiques around the world.
It is understood that the NOME stores in Shenzhen and Guangzhou have attracted many young people to come, to create a consumer scene as the center, reconstruct the consumer scene, and integrate and innovate in four dimensions: product, channel, product iteration, and optimization. A new consumer complex in the home retail sector.
Today's capital founder and president said that after the ebb and flow of On line to Off line in the past few years, the online dividend of the mobile Internet has come to an end, offline traffic is becoming a new battlefield, and the new entry opportunity lies in rigidity. Deep mining of requirements. Focusing on the user experience, NOME has found a way to break through the home retail market and tap into a fast-growing trillion blue ocean market.
Today's capital investment, one is to vote, and the other is to vote. The founder must have deep insight and see what others can't see. When I went to the NOME store, I bought a big bag of things, cups and various designs, only a total of 180 yuan. I was very surprised at the time. A lot of business models have a common feature, that is, the price is very high, and in the case of good quality, the price is cheaper, and you win. Now is the age of the Internet, many things are very cheap, so this model is very new.
The advantages of foreign design, coupled with the dividends of China's supply chain, can be opened, and the new retail model, the key is in the "three control", one must control the store, the store is directly joined and joined. The second is to control the goods and to be their own brand. Now IKEA is its own brand, Uniqlo is also its own brand, not only store control, but also supply chain, packaging, design and so on. The third is to control the mind. In a city, if you can let 20% of the population see your store often, you control your mind, so be sure to continue to open the store.


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