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Wood Hangers Are Easy To Use But More Complex To Make


I believe that everyone has a hanger in the family! In today's era, the use of hangers is more common, because the trend of the times has changed, people's living standards are higher, the requirements for hangers are higher, and the use of clothes is more, especially for female friends. More essential. And now using wooden hangers is more common!
The change of the times has also changed the development of hangers. The increase of hanger factories is more selective. In fact, many people do not know that the use of wooden hangers in life is very simple, but it is more complicated for production.
Briefly describe the principle that wooden hangers are easy to use but more complicated to produce. If you know about the production of wooden hangers, you can know how laborious it is to produce.

1, the first is the preparation of materials: material selection, material cutting, steam fumigation drying are all basic steps. (Simply speaking, it is necessary to start with the selection of materials, select fresh raw materials, open them into pieces, and transport them to the steaming of the baking room. The steam-dried materials (rather than the naturally dried materials) are made of finished wooden hangers. Long-term shipping will not be deformed, insects.) The factors to be considered are whether the use of hangers will be deformed, insects and stingers.
2, then processing and forming: planing; planing; cutting; trimming; opening; splicing; sculpt; sanding; inspection, etc. These are the most important steps in the production of hangers, but also the most complicated steps !
3. Then do the finished product. Priming; sanding; lacquering; inspection, every step of the production process of each product needs to be inspected, so as to ensure the safety of use and quality assurance.
4, install hardware; check the finished product

The above is a brief description of the ease of use of wooden hangers, but the more complicated steps of production and production are not only used to make wooden hangers, but also the production of other plastic hangers and solid wood hangers, but the materials used are somewhat different. The practice of understanding hangers makes us more aware that the hangers are also very complicated to make. Therefore, we should not use the use of hangers casually, and the biggest disadvantage is that it wastes resources and the results of production !

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