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Worth Keeping - Five Practical Wedding Favors

by:LEEVANS     2020-09-21
Weddings may come and go, but nowadays, wedding planners make it some extent to make the favors last forever (or, perhaps longer than a year or so). While not unusual practice now to give edible favors such as chocolate bars and cupcakes, the standard little keepsakes are still very much popular, so if you then have a family member or friend who simply couldn't let those pretty little favors go for sentimental reasons, why not make it simpler for them to hold on to it by making it a practical part and health of their lives? Need help searching for what practical wedding mementos to give? Listed here are some five useful suggestions: Name Card Holders - Usually used on wedding reception tables find out seating arrangement, your guests can take these home and the idea in two ways: one, as a photo/note holder on their display shelves, or two, as actual card holders on their office work desks. Magnets & Stationery - Especially designed magnets are plentiful these days, so it is simple to find something to match your wedding's theme. You could also have your magnets customized deal with your photos, names, or couple logo. Package them with other stationery items such as the pretty notepad or pen, and you now have a nice stationery set that your guests could your kitchen at home or at work. Small Flowers - Add charm to your reception tables by placing plant favors as wedding centerpieces. Have your names printed on the pots or tie the little ribbon along with a 'Thank You' card 1 hand of the stems and offer your guests take home an eco-friendly gift may nurture. Also are you able support you the environment by helping propagate new seedlings, but you are also encouraging family and friends to perform same. Mason Jars - Fill these develop goodies such as small pastries, candies and/or chocolates and tie rather bow across neck or lid to hold your 'Thank You' greeting card. I'm pretty sure your guests will be happy to have home a jar filled with sweets to snack on and enjoy with their family members as let me tell you. After the sweets have all been consumed, the jars can still be reused as containers for food items or other knick-knacks. Kitchen Items - Nowadays, kitchen items aren't only made for utilitarian purposes, but for aesthetics also. Look up cute and useful kitchen items such as salt and pepper shakers, candy dishes or bottle openers that you could easily package into wedding favors. Your guests will definitely find use for them in their properties!
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