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Steps to a Beautiful Window Mini Garden

by:LEEVANS     2020-10-08
I love the window mini garden in my upstairs bath. This can be an ordinary window that I outfitted for the decorative display and easy repair of indoor house plants. If you need to produce a living effect for your home, I can assure you that a window mini garden is the strategy to use. Extend The Sill. Decoratively speaking, a narrow window sill is no use. It might provide room for a row of pots and their saucers. But it won't afford the luxury of making an arrangement with indoor house plants. The easiest answer to a narrow sill is a bookcase or cabinet. I found the bookcase above with an unfinished furniture store. These ubiquitous stores sell furniture in all kinds of heights and widths. My bookcase reaches the height of the existing sill, and its width is equivalent to the window frame. I painted the case to check the window trim. You will find that your broad windowsill provides healthy, un-cramped quarters for indoor house plants. But make no mistake-the mini garden must not stop in the sill, or the indoor house plants picture appear inadequate. By inadequate, Come on, man it will look for being a child's one-line drawing. In becoming a masterful portrait, the entire window must be placed into play. And that's where glass shelves come can provide relief. Install Glass Shelves. This is an easy job. As you can see, I mounted bronze-colored, scrolled shelf-supports to the window frame, using standard wood screws. Line the supports up with the latch ledge, and then mount more supports equal distance above and below the ledge. This will need all of 5 minutes if you have a stainless steel drill. Set the glass shelves on their supports. I used 0.5 inch thick shelves, which were acquired from a glass cutting search. They were acquired for a song, too, because I asked the shop cord less mouse with salvage glass. The shelves are 8 inches wide, and perfectly suited for indoor house plants in 4 or 5 inch cookware. These small pots are what African violets and wax begonias usually prefer. Arrange Lengths of Wire. With the broad sill and shelves in place, final step is to string wire over the window frame. In the moment, I'll explain why. To secure the wire, hammer 2 inch staples along the top and half-way increase the sides of the frame. Now set two pots of vines on each end of the top shelf. I used philodendron for of the question above, and grape ivy in another, similar mini back yard. As the vines grow, they will climb up the sides of the window, and join together at the top. This will produce a leafy-green frame for the living portrait within. And by the way, the only permanent features of some window mini garden are the vines, the glass shelves, and the broad sill. The indoor house plants themselves can be moved from shelf to shelf until locate an arrangement it's your spirits soars. Indoor house plants can also be changed on a wish. I change mine to suit the intervals. For instance, in autumn I like to feature chrysanthemums, miniature roses, and African violets. All these flourish in the bright light an east or west supplies. I should probably mention that miniature roses always look sweet on a broad window sill, specially in association with ferns. Just one miniature rose, if placed between a set of silver candlesticks, appear beautiful on a glass shelf. Chrysanthemums, of course, are an absolute must in autumn. Indoors, they bloom and bloom from September all the way through November. African violets, if you collect them, are practically made for the glass shelves. Ditto for wax begonias. Meanwhile, on the third shelf, I notice that fragrant muscari, forced in a blue and white china bowl, and hang up between red-toned African violets, creates an original new preview of spring. Well, I really hope I've inspired some of you to design such a mini garden for your office. When you have a window that's been outfitted for your containment of indoor house plants, the ornamental possibilities are unlimited.
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